1st Bajo Palabra International Philosophy Conference:

“Reflections for a pluralistic world”

Madrid, 21-25 November 2011

Bajo Palabra Philosophy Association (Asociación de Filosofía Bajo Palabra, “AFBP”) was founded in the Autonomous University of Madrid. During the last few years, the Association has been engaged in the task of spreading philosophy within and beyond the academic world. As a way of continuing these efforts, Bajo Palabra Philosophy Association has launched for the first time its own International Philosophy Conference, with the purpose of opening a pluralistic arena for the development and discussion on the reflections of philosophers and researchers. For the inaugural event, the 1st Bajo Palabra International Philosophy Conference will take as its main, general topic of discussion that of the challenges of the present world with its complex realities. In the present conjuncture, there can be no doubt as to the importance of the contribution of discourses from the various disciplines of Humanities for a better understanding, as well as for the improvement, of our environment; equally fundamental to this purpose are the interactions between these and other disciplines and practices: philosophy, film and the arts, historiography, natural sciences or politics. All of these will have a chance to communicate and share the results of their respective efforts. On the other hand, nowadays it is clear that the ambition of developing a pluralistic and complex form of thought can no longer be developed without assuming an international scope; because of this, our Conference in its very origins is born out of a close collaboration between both European and American research centres.

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Important dates:

15 April 2011: deadline for submissions to the Conference.

15 September 2011: deadline for submissions to the “1st Award of Bajo Palabra Journal of Philosophy for Young Researchers”.

18 November 2011: closing date for Conference registration.

21-25 November 2011: Conference celebration.

30 November 2011: deadline for submitting full papers presented at the Conference for evaluation and possible publication in Bajo Palabra. Journal of Philosophy.


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